Project partner CRI wins BEST PAPER award

Project research paper on formulations for pest control wins award for best paper

The publication of our project partner CRI has received the award of 2023 BEST PAPER by the scientific journal INSECTS for its article “Synthetic and Natural Insecticides: Gas, Liquid, Gel and Solid Formulations for Stored-Product and Food-Industry Pest Control By Vaclav Stejskal, Tomas Vendl, Radek Aulicky and Christos Athanassiou”.

The competition was tough with 1091 papers published in the journal during the year of 2021. The evaluation concluded: “After a thorough evaluation of the originality and significance of the papers, citations, and downloads, three winners were selected”.

Right now the paper already has more than 12.925 downloads and views, and also multiple citations are running. This all points out the importance and relevance of the project’s research and developments. Through this link you can read about the awards. Under the tab “publications” you can freely consult and download the article.”

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