Application technology development

For simultaneous application of a larvicide with adulticides in order to gain a better and longer control, a new, versatile dual-channel spraying system will also be developed to let the two products be used through separate nozzles. This has as main benefit that there is no need for mixing the two different formulations in a common tank, which ensures proper dosing and penetration of the active substances of the formulations. Moreover, any problems and risks regarding mixing different formulations are avoided when it is possible to operate from completely separated application systems. The equipment will be designed in such a way that it can be installed and used in all types of systems. It will be a portable device, easy to mount (on top of a silo or conveyor belt), equipped with adjustable nozzles, easy in operation and cleaning, etc.

Making the application equipment as versatile as possible will ensure a good market uptake in the market. 

To summarize, one objective is to develop an innovative application technology that can apply in parallel at least two products with different doses and characteristics. Another objective is to develop, test and demonstrate a new ULV application technology in which multiple types of PPPs can be easily combined without the need for mixing prior to the application. Finally, we want to improve application technologies in order to maximise flexibility and management possibilities.