Scientific Consultancy Company (SCC) – Germany

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SCC (Scientific Consulting Company) is one of Europe’s largest privately owned and independent regulatory consulting companies. Since 1989, SCC has supported international customers with full-scale services and for their scientific and regulatory needs. Their expertise extends over a broad range of areas, including agrochemicals and biorationals (including bio-pesticides and biostimulants), fertilisers, chemicals and biocides, feed and food additives, food contact materials, cosmetics and consumer products, medical devices as well as pharma preclinical. SCCs main services are data compliance reviews, testing strategies and study monitoring, alternative testing strategies/(Q)SAR, scientific read-across and group approaches, scientific risk assessment and modelling, dossier preparation/submission/defence at EU, national and international level, GLP and non-GLP regulatory archiving concepts, maintenance of product registrations, task force/consortia management as well as technical and scientific steering of research projects and academic co-operations.



Maxiline is part of the novIGRain team : European Union’s 2020 research and innovation programme

Coordinator of the project.

Babolna Bio novIGRAin : European Union’s 2020 research and innovation programme

In charge of the development of the new ULV-larvicide product.

Sojam novIGRAin : European Union’s 2020 research and innovation programme

In charge of the development of the new application technology.

In charge of assessing insect resistance in grain storage management.

In charge of the overall impact assessment (the economic and social impact).

In charge of the product validation (toxicology and ecotoxicology).

 In charge of the support of the testing and validation of the ULV-larvicide product.

In charge of the ecological Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

In charge of the support of the development of both the product and the technology.


Dr Manoj Nayak

Dr Manoj Nayak is a Principal Research Entomologist and Leader of the Post-harvest Grain Protection Team of Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Christos Athanassiou

Christos Athanassiou is a Professor of Entomology, at the University of Thessaly, Greece, since 2010.

emanuele mazzoni

Emanuele Mazzoni is an Associate Professor in General and Applied Entomology (SSD AGR/11) in the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.