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Crop Research Institute (CRI) is an independent public research organization under the Ministry of Agriculture in the Czech Republic. CRI has a wide range of activities in frame crop production – “from the field to table”. Main tasks involves research concerning crop protection and plant health, research concerning plant nutrition and soil properties, research concerning plant breeding and preservation of genetic materials. CRI is the responsible state body for GMO. CRI has accredited laboratories for breeding laboratories and wild strains of pest rodents. CRI has GEP certification for testing pesticides. The CRI team has long been involved in testing the effectiveness of insecticide products and testing the resistance of pests to pesticides. 

Their mission is to develop and disseminate demand-driven technologies and build capacity for sustainable food and industrial crops productivity to enhance livelihoods. Their vision is to become a Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Research, Innovation  and Capacity Building for Development.



Maxiline is part of the novIGRain team : European Union’s 2020 research and innovation programme

Coordinator of the project.

Babolna Bio novIGRAin : European Union’s 2020 research and innovation programme

In charge of the development of the new ULV-larvicide product.

Sojam novIGRAin : European Union’s 2020 research and innovation programme

In charge of the development of the new application technology.

In charge of assessing insect resistance in grain storage management.

In charge of the overall impact assessment (the economic and social impact).

In charge of the product validation (toxicology and ecotoxicology).

 In charge of the support of the testing and validation of the ULV-larvicide product.

In charge of the ecological Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

In charge of the support of the development of both the product and the technology.


Dr Manoj Nayak

Dr Manoj Nayak is a Principal Research Entomologist and Leader of the Post-harvest Grain Protection Team of Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Christos Athanassiou

Christos Athanassiou is a Professor of Entomology, at the University of Thessaly, Greece, since 2010.

emanuele mazzoni

Emanuele Mazzoni is an Associate Professor in General and Applied Entomology (SSD AGR/11) in the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.